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School of Architecture, Art & Design

Within the creative core of the University lies the School of Architecture, Art & Design

Dean's Message

Within the creative core of the University lies the School of Architecture, Art & Design, offering a collection of fully accredited Bachelor Degrees in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Visual Communication. Programs are taught by a world-class faculty with extensive experience in the design industry. Within all degree programs, our aim is to equip our students to think, analyze and create, in order to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market.

Throughout the programs, which range from 4-5 years, our students experience a studio-based curriculum combining art and design theory, construction technology, digital media and the human sciences. Upon graduating, students will be prepared to promote cultural diversity, professional ethics and environmental sensitivity. Strong ties with the professional design community allow us to provide the highest level of knowledge, creativity and employability within the regional and global market.

Nabyl Chenaf

Nabyl Chenaf
Dean, School of Architecture Art & Design & Prof of Architecture



School events

From EXPO 2020 Dubai to EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan: Architecture and Design Perspective
29 Mar - 29 Mar

School News

Studio Culture Policy
Jul 09, 2020

VC-Digital Media 2020 graduate, and co-founder and managing partner of 199X digital featured in Identity Magazine


2020 Graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design


Architecture at AUD was my first choice for its great reputation among other universities in the UAE


2006 Graduate of Bachelors of Fine Art in Visual Communication-Graphic Design


I am grateful to have made the choice to join the architecture program at AUD. Foremost, I have made lifetime friends thanks to the studio culture applied in the Department.

Mitra Gholami, B.F.A. in Interior Design
B.F.A. in Interior Design Owner of Deleap Interior Design, San Francisco

All I know today, I learned from AUD. I love my university because it has a great culture and a strong connection with students

Proud To Be AUD
Design Director

Maliha takes the lead on some of the region’s most iconic hospitality and lifestyle projects as Design Director of Design Worldwide Partnership.