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Clubs & Societies

Dive in to the many clubs and societies at AUD and develop your interpersonal and leadership abilities…we promise you’ll have fun in the process!

Immersing yourself in student life on campus is vital for all-round development and we believe that extracurricular activities provide enrichment and opportunities for growth in areas other than academia.  The clubs and societies at AUD allow you to pursue a personal interest outside of the classroom, while helping develop your leadership skills and giving you a competitive advantage when the time comes to apply for jobs. Ranging from cultural to performance clubs, special interest to department societies, we have a host of societies to choose from, and if you don’t see what you like then feel free to create your own!


  • Leadership Clubs
    1. Peer Health Educators – Email to:
    2. Resident Assistants - Email to:
    3. Student Government Association – Email to:
    4. Study Abroad Mentors - Email to:
  • Departmental Clubs
    1. AIAS – American Institute of Architecture Students (AUD Student Chapter) - Email to:
    2. ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers (AUD Student Chapter) - Email to:
    3. ACM - Association for Computing Machinery - Email to:
    4. IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (AUD Student Chapter) - Email to:
    5. WIE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Women in Engineering (AUD Student Chapter) - Email to:
    6. IDA - Interior Design Association - Email to:
    7. Mobitech - Email to:
    8. VeeSee - Visual Communication Department Student Club - Email to:
    9. WEF - Water Environmental Federation (AUD Student Chapter) - Email to:
  • Special Interest Clubs
    1. AUD Debate Club - Email
    2. AUD Model United Nations - Email to:
    3. Cinematopia - Email to:
    4. Entrepreneurship Club - Email
    5. Islamic Awareness Club - Email to:
    6. Live n Give - Email to:
    7. Photography Club - Email to:
    8. Youth Empowerment Club - Email
    9. League of Anonymous Gamers (LAG) - Email to:
    10. Environmental Club - Email to:
    11. Be Heard Literary Club- Email to:
    12. AUD International Aid- Email to:
    13. Bhangra Vibe- Email to:
    14. Dive Club- Email to:
    15. Foodies- Email to:
    16. Jamnation- Email to:
    17. Theatre Club- Email to:
    18. The Agency- Email to:
    19. Animal Aid Association- Email to:
    20. Geeks on Board- Email to:
    21. Vibe- Email to:


  • Cultural Club
    1. Afghan Union Club- Email to:
    2. African Cultural Club- Email to:
    3. Azerbaijan Cultural Club- Email to:
    4. Egyptian Cultural Club- Email to:
    5. The Hashemite Jordanian Club- Email to:
    6. Indian Cultural Club- Email to:
    7. Kazakhstan Cultural Club- Email to:
    8. Khaleeji Club- Email to:
    9. Yemeni Club- Email to:
    10. Japanese Club- Email to:
    11. Lebanese Cultural Club- Email to:
    12. Libyan Club- Email to:
    13. Palestinian Cultural Club- Email to:
    14. Pakistani Students Association- Email to:
    15. Persian Cultural Club- Email to:
    16. Russian Speakers Club- Email to:
    17. Sudanese Club- Email to:
    18. Syrian Cultural Club- Email to:
    19. American Club- Email to:
    20. Saudi Club- - Email to:
    21. Bahraini Club- Email to: