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Office of the Provost

Aspiring to produce holistic, creative, interdisciplinary and transformative graduates for the sustainable advancement of society.

The Office of Provost and Academic Affairs is responsible for AUD’s education, research, and innovation, in terms of the environment of the University, and the principles and experience of the faculty and students.

With the aim of creating an environment to help AUD achieve its academic potential, the Office works in collaboration with other senior members of faculty and staff, to ensure its long term academic and research goals are met. This involves facilitating activities with faculty, students, staff, alumni, the industry and community at large such as cross-disciplinary programs and collaborative projects amongst divisions.

Working closely with the senior leadership team, academic deans and administrative heads, the Office ensures that all academic programs and policies, and appointment, promotion and compensation of faculty members and staff are reviewed in a timely manner.

In addition, the Provost facilitates external outreach to build collaborative relationships, promoting academic well-being and the reputation of AUD to the business community and government departments locally and internationally.

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