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Housing Division

Make your home at AUD with student housing options and facilities to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

With over 100 nationalities on campus, many of our international students find themselves moving away from their families for the very first time.  Living on campus at AUD can provide a unique experience and opportunity for personal growth, allowing you to fully experience the non-stop buzz of university life.

Managed by the AUD Student Housing Division, the halls are a safe, well-maintained living and learning environment, designed to establish a sense of community, coupled with responsible, independent and shared living.

Living in AUD’s halls allows you to quickly make friends, find study partners and connect with fellow adventurers who are all facing the same challenges while starting an exciting new chapter in their lives.

Whether you’re looking to join in with the on-campus events, hit the gymnasium, pool and other sporting facilities, or head to a group study session in designated areas within the residence halls, living on-campus means you will never experience the fear of missing out on all the happenings at AUD.

AUD Housing Manager:

For the Student Housing Application Form click here.


Residence Halls in AUD are well equipped to accommodate students with Special Needs, for more information please contact:

AUD Health Center


There are a number of hotels in close proximity to the AUD campus.  If you are looking for temporary or short-stay accommodation nearby try the following links:


Dorms: Student Housing or Residence Halls

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