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Student Affairs

We are committed to supporting AUD students throughout their journey, from the day they enroll right through to their graduation, and beyond…

One of the benefits of American-style education is the multifaceted approach to student learning which focuses equally on inside and outside the classroom experience. The Office of Student Affairs is committed to providing a wealth of resources, events, and facilities designed to address, support and guide the needs and holistic development of AUD’s diverse student population.

With a student-centered focus on opportunities outside the classroom, Student Affairs is comprised of eight divisions, all of which aim to support, guide and develop students’ personal, professional and academic skill sets to ensure a successful university journey and life journey. Whether students are seeking leadership opportunities, learning support, personal counseling, sports-related activities, on-campus housing, or career counseling, we are here to support.

Your college journey is extremely valuable in shaping your years ahead as it is your first step towards building a prosperous future in which you are the owner of the path ahead. The greatest benefit to you begins by getting involved in campus life. AUD’s Student Affairs’ staff is dedicated to helping students reach their academic, personal, and professional goals. This is a crucial time to gain independence and autonomy, experience personal growth, immune yourself with leadership and soft skills that will provide you with a competitive advantage once you graduate and use those four years to find yourself and identify your objectives. Our programs, events, facilities, workshops and student clubs are carefully designed to supplement your academic pursuits while providing opportunities for whole-person development. We challenge students to discover and develop their own strengths and talents, while fostering a sense of pride in who they are as individuals and as active members of the AUD community.

Hurry up and take advantage of all the co-curricular activities tailored for your advancement.

The greatest benefit begins by getting involved in campus life.

Mrs. Tala Makhlouf - Interim Dean of Student Affairs

Student Affairs Divisions

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