Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling Services:

Students face a variety of challenges which affect their personal growth, emotional well-being and success in college. Conflicts and problems often arise which prevent students from reaching their full-potential. Students may find that their usual ways of handling problems are not working well for some reason.

That is why AUD offers one-on-one personal counseling services. The Personal Counselor's role is to identify, diagnose and provide support and guidance for students experiencing personal problems.

Students can talk about the problems they are facing, explore related thoughts, feelings and identify personal resources. The Personal Counselor also provides referrals to qualified psychiatrists and clinical psychologists in the area. The confidentiality of the counseling sessions is protected by the Counselor's Code of Ethics. Full details are elaborated on in our Personal Counseling Policy and Procedure.

The counseling services along with the academic support division also facilitate the inclusion and adaptation of students’ with learning challenges into the classroom and liaise with various related parties to ensure that such students’ journey is successful. Moreover, the counseling services also offer seminars and workshops on mental health detection and prevention. To better understand our services, our Frequently Asked Questions will facilitate any inquiries before booking an appointment.

The American University in Dubai offers short-term counseling services but does not provide psychiatric services. Students experiencing severe psychological problems or mental disorders are referred to qualified mental health professionals in the area. The Counselor is available for emergencies only during office hours. After hours, AUD does not provide any kind of emergency psychological assistance.

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Nehad Hani Metawie

Nehad Hani Metawie
AUD Personal Counselor

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