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In line with the Year of Sustainability: 2023 of the United Arab Emirates and building on its rich legacy in promoting sustainability, The American University in Dubai (AUD) prides itself on championing and supporting the sustainable development goals (SDGs). AUD understands that higher education institutions play a pivotal role locally, regionally & internationally in mitigating the impact of climate change & promoting sustainability. Following its mission, the University is committed to serve as a culturally diverse learning community with the ultimate goal of contributing to students’ academic, personal and professional success as well as the advancement of society at large and our local community, specifically through active engagement with all related local and international stakeholders. In that regard, AUD fulfills its mission by educating future generations, reducing inequalities, and protecting the environmental well-being of communities.

President’s Message:

If one does an Internet search for “the oldest institutions in the world,” one finds a list of universities; and indeed, one cannot conceive of the progress of humankind through the ages without understanding the perennial role of the university.

AUD would not be AUD without a commitment to sustainable development, and this commitment rests on the key elements of AUD’s institutionality. At the core of this essence lie human development in all its glorious forms through the advancement of knowledge – created, imparted, disseminated – and artistic expression. The protagonist of the process is often an individual, but the end result is a better future for society.

AUD’s Strategy for Sustainable Development is a living document, subject to addition, subtraction and modification in order to suit the needs of a fast-changing world.

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Interim President
Dr. Lance de Masi

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