Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC)

The Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) is the first academic institution in the region to offer world-class and specialized undergraduate and graduate courses in various communication fields

Dean's Message

The School is oriented to fill the gaps that have historically marred the teaching of media in the Arab world. It strives to graduate students who integrate immediately and instinctively into the working environment of a wide range of Arab media institutions. For that purpose, we have set up programs to teach top-ranking students not only first class professional skills, but also to infuse their practical knowledge with civic values.

We, at the MBRSC, believe that all those who work in the field of communications are story tellers and that we are in the story-telling business. We believe in the need to train our students in how to be able to tell their own stories in the best way possible using the techniques of journalism and television, radio, cinema, online, games, and mobile media. We also believe that writing rests at the heart of story-telling. It is through the proper use of simple, yet rich diction that students will be able to translate their original thoughts, ideas, and their trials and tribulations into stories. That is why the program’s Arabic track places a significant emphasis on the students’ proficiency in the Arabic language, while the English track focuses on the English language.

Through inspiration, motivation and a superbly-enjoyable environment, our scholars integrate liberal and professional teaching methods to provide knowledge to our students, while at the same time helping them acquire wisdom and insight, love of truth and beauty, moral discernment, understanding of self, and respect for and appreciation of others.

Ali M. Jaber, M.S.
Dean of the Mohammed Bin Rashid School For Communication
Ali M. Jaber, M.S.

Executive Director’s Message

Since I joined the MBRSC, as we AUDians call it, 11 years ago, the plans put in place for the School were big. The steps we undertook and the efforts we invested, were all aiming for one goal: to make it the top communication school in the region. Looking at our alumni achievements, at the region’s employers trust in us, at the fruitful connections we made with key leaders in the industry, at our curricula that keep evolving and following the newest trends, at our dedicated and talented faculty members, at our one-of-a-kind Arabic track and Scholarship program, I strongly believe we made it. But what is next? We are in a field that keeps growing and advancing. We always seem to be racing to catch up with all the changes that keep hitting one of the biggest industries in the world: the media industry; our aim is to always be ahead of our time, to keep taking our students to the next level, to win the race.

Join us in this challenging, yet truly rewarding journey!

Sophie Boutros
Executive Director - MBRSC
Sophie Boutros

International Program Accreditation


MBRSC Industry Mentors

Throughout the years, the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) has proudly forged and sustained partnerships and collaborations with media professionals. With their extensive experience in the media field, proficient media professionals generously offer specialized guidance to MBRSC students who are working on major projects. They are carefully selected by MBRSC faculty members to complement their theoretical and practical teaching methodology.

The presence of Industry Mentors at the School’s side plays a major role in graduating students who are life and job ready.

Screenwriter, Representation: Independent Talent, London
Inês Braga


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