MBRSC Facilities

The Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) graduates students in two majors: Digital Production and Storytelling and Journalism. The School is situated in one of AUD’s main buildings in the center of campus, the Student Center, and provides its students with various facilities/assets to support them in the completion of their audio-visual assignments and projects. The facilities and materials are part of several courses like Cinematography, Editing and Sound, and other production courses. Students secure bookings through MBRSC’s online booking platform.

The School houses a fully equipped, soundproof Studio including three cameras, state-of-the-art lighting and a tele-prompter, in addition to a cyclorama, a blue and a green screen; adjacent to the Studio is a TV Control Room with vision and audio mixers, a character generator station, a lighting console and a multi-viewer screen. These two rooms offer a hands-on television experience to MBRSC students in preparation for the real television world.

For their productions outside of campus, students have access to full camera kits including DSLR cameras (Canon 5D Mark IV and Sony A7S) and Sony FS7 among others, prime lenses kits, lighting (LED and Kino Flo), sound equipment (Sennheiser microphones and Zoom recorders) and grip (Manfrotto tripods, Ronin M Gimbal, C-stands, flags, reflectors).

For post-production work, the School provides its students with two Mac Computer Labs (total of 38 stations) and six individual sound-proof editing suites. All labs and suites run Avid™ editing software in addition to the latest Adobe suite including Premiere, and Pro Tools, iMovie, MS Office, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. Additionally, the School houses a student lounge where the crew can enjoy short breaks from long editing hours.

The School also houses a Global Classroom that serves as a high-technology medium for lectures by the most accomplished media academicians and professionals from around the world. The Global Classroom is equipped with Cisco Tele Presence ® 3210 technology.

An additional MBRSC asset is a 36-seat Screening Room, equipped with a high-definition Cristie projector and JBL surround sound system, that serves for world cinema and student films’ screenings.


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