Edoardo Rizzuti

Assistant Professor of Interior Design

School of Architecture, Art & Design

Department of Interior Design


M.A. in Interior Architecture, Faculty of Architecture La Sapienza (Rome, Italy)
B.A. in Visual Design, Faculty of Architecture La Sapienza (Rome, Italy)

Mr. Edoardo Rizzuti joins AUD with extensive experience in creating commercial and public spaces where communication strategies are translated into physical realities. Specialized in environmental design, he has designed retail interiors, branded spaces, exhibitions, temporary pavilions and events for blue-chip companies and institutions and has worked for prestigious firms in Moscow and London for clients including the Moscow Metro, the Russian Ministry of Education, the Disney Company, Hasbro, FIFA, BMW, and Kymberly-Clarks.

In parallel to his professional experience, Mr. Rizzuti has also served as a lecturer in a number of higher education institutions. He was invited to curate the Spatial Design studio course at HSE Art and Design School in Moscow and then in China, where he served as full-time faculty at Wenzhou-Kean University.

Mr. Rizzuti has also authored a number of academic publications devoted to a semiotic-linguistic approach to spatial design in which he expands the methodological horizons of design methods and elaborates toolkits for a narrative conception of the built environment. His research outcomes have been presented at international conferences and published in scientific journals. Recently, he focused his design efforts on creating spaces for children, and his playground project, developed in China, was recently prized with a grant by the Zijiang government.

Genuinely passionate about design in all its forms and fine art, Mr. Rizzuti curates a website ( where he shares his graphic and illustration works in the form of a blog where he analyses and explains his design process and creative paths.

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