Department of Visual Communication

Communication within a multi-cultural society is a challenge for all future designers and artists.

The Department of Visual Communication at AUD aims to develop artistic and imaginative communicators who will critically and creatively lead new visual initiatives, combining practical solutions with innovative concepts.
Our faculty are all leaders in their respective fields – from Advertising and Digital Media to Graphic Design and Studio Arts.  Their knowledge and creative passion help to maintain our position at the forefront of contemporary art and design education in the UAE and the broader Middle East, while allowing us to remain fully in-line with international standards and global trends.

The outstanding educational quality of our individual programs has already been recognized by international professional organizations, corporations and the world’s most innovative universities. Many of our students have been accepted to the very best graduate schools, in the United States, England and France, yet another measure of the high international standards of our programs.

At AUD we are committed to creating graduates with an open-minded and responsible outlook, who can design critically and creatively, and marry practical solutions with ideas that never fail to surprise. We look forward to welcoming new students to our exceptionally innovative and creativity nurturing community.


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