Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The fields of computer and electrical engineering have become indispensable to the advancement of society

In recent decades, computer and electrical engineers have been at the forefront of the industrial, computer, and communication revolutions. In today's world, electric and electronic devices such as cell phones, computers and home appliances have become a necessity rather than a luxury.

The Computer and Electrical Engineering Programs at AUD provide the cutting edge undergraduate education required for diverse careers in electrical or computer engineering, and preparing students for graduate level studies. Our programs prepare students to work in a wide range of fields including computer software and hardware, communication systems and networks, robotics and automation, power systems, energy, and consulting.

Our extensive faculty expertise covers multiple areas, including:

  • Communication engineering,
  • Electronics
  • Power systems
  • Software and hardware design
  • Control and robotics
  • Embedded system design and integration.



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