Poupak Parvaresh

Assistant Professor of Interior Design

School of Architecture, Art & Design

Department of Interior Design


Ph.D. in Urban Studies & Design, University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM), Montréal, Canada
Master in Landscape Architecture, University of Shahid Beheshti (SBU), Tehran, Iran
Master in Architecture, Azad University of Tehran (IAU), Tehran, Iran

Dr. Poupak Parvaresh has extensive experience in a cross-disciplinary approach to both academic and professional domains. She has more than ten years of international teaching experience in architecture, interior design, architecture and urban design programs.

As a lifelong art devotee, Dr. Parvaresh’s design philosophy emphasizes re-orienting design to improve people's quality of life and facilitate inhabitants' relationships with their environment. Every design project is an opportunity to turn the place into a breakthrough experience to be seen, touched, felt and memorized. As a result, she encourages students to perceive the design as a living being and leads them to adopt design approaches that gather people and activities together in a dynamic and welcoming context.

Dr. Parvaresh has industry experience in design, development, consultation, management and collaboration with non-profit organizations, government agencies, developers and private firms of all types and sizes, delivering high-quality, multidisciplinary policies and plans at various scales that contribute to existing and emerging communities.

Alongside academic and professional endeavors, Dr. Parvaresh engaged in other research and collaborative projects at international levels and on different scales ranging from the typology of North American vernacular architecture to neighborhood revitalization and public place-making designs.

National and international level activities include collaborative multidisciplinary projects with the Government of Haiti, Quebec Ministry of Tourism, Newcastle University (U.K.), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), and University of Padua (Italy), and Bilim University (Turkey).

Dr. Parvaresh has a strong passion for art and a desire to create something out of imagination now and then. This is illustrated in her paintings, through which she tries to portray her thoughts on life and to create an emotional connection between the people who view them.

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