Maryam Shafiei

Assistant Professor of Architecture

School of Architecture, Art & Design

Department of Architecture


Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Analysis, The University of Queensland, Australia
M.A. in Architecture, Art University of Tehran
B.A. in Architectural Engineering, University of Tehran

Dr. Maryam Shafiei joined American University in Dubai as Assistant Professor of Architecture in August 2023.

In addition to her BA, MA, and Ph.D. credentials, Dr. Shafiei has also completed a postdoctoral research position at the University of Queensland in Australia, focusing on the convergence of design, robotic fabrication, and Augmented Reality (AR). She is an experienced educator with over a decade of expertise in Architecture and Design education. Furthermore, she remains engaged as a dedicated researcher, practitioner, and creator in her field.

During her research career, she has successfully collaborated with scholars and professionals across disciplines of architecture, design, construction technology, interactive design, structural engineering, sustainability, biology, nanotechnology, planning, urban design and robotic manufacturing. The outcomes of these projects have been published in journals and books, and presented in international conferences and exhibitions such as ‘SHE-robots’. These presentations, publications, successful grants, and exhibitions demonstrate her advanced research skills and commitment to maintaining excellence in conducting scholarly research. Additionally, she has been successful in several design and research competitions like RIBA Nationwide Sustainable Housing Award (International Commendation, 2009), 3 Minutes Thesis competition (Runner up at UQ Architecture, 2017), ASAA Conference Attendance Award (2017), and EAIT Best Poster Award (2018).

In her recent works, Dr Shafiei focuses on the intersection of sustainability, computational design, and new construction technologies in Architecture. She explores the application of robot arms for artistic works, such as robotic sketching and painting, as well as manufacturing processes like robotic assembly and 3D printing. Her dedication lies in fostering innovative approaches to design across various scales, promoting creativity, environmental consciousness, and inclusivity. Additionally, Dr Shafiei has extensive experience and a strong interest in advanced visualisation and design technologies, particularly application of Virtual and Augmented Reality for architectural design and practice. She is passionate to leverage these tools to empower end-users in the fields of design, architecture and manufacturing.

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