Why Plastics Are Good? Time to Wake Up? Impactful Insights from Mr. Alexander van 't Riet, former CEO of Mai Dubai LLC, at AUD

Biology Lecture Series

Oct 23, 2023
School of Arts & Sciences

The Department of Biological and Physical Sciences hosted Mr. Alexander van 't Riet, the former CEO of Mai Dubai LLC, in an engaging Biology Lecture Series episode on a subject that is more pertinent than ever: Why plastics are good? Time to wake up?

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The talk reinforced the University's commitment to supporting COP28UAE goals and our dedication to engaging with critical issues in a meaningful way. Mr. van 't Riet brought years of experience to the forefront as he discussed an innovative perspective on plastics and emphasized the importance of the next best alternative and utilizing plastics as a valuable resource rather than as waste.

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The discussion captured the attention and interest of faculty, staff, and students alike.

Join us in our ongoing commitment to shaping a more sustainable and responsible future at AUD.



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