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Visiting / Study Abroad Program

Welcoming students from all over the world

The Middle East is such a wonderful yet complex region, that even those who live in the area find it difficult to fully understand its “mechanisms”. Regional and foreign students have shown an increasing interest in developing an understanding of this region and in seeking employment here, hence their need to gain a deeper knowledge of and sensitivity towards its historical, cultural, social and political environment. Whether the student endeavors on an exchange, study abroad, or visiting program, there is no substitute for living in a foreign country, immersing in different and exciting cultures and further enhancing one’s foreign language skills. Studying abroad can develop important competencies that can enrich students’ personal growth, enhance their worldviews, expand their employment prospects and make them better candidates when applying to graduate schools.

AUD has a diverse student body and is located in the heart of Media City, the hub of many international companies. Commuting to AUD is very convenient. The metro is located on AUD’s premises and gives you access to different parts of the city.