Selection Criteria

Admission on Probation

Applicants whose undergraduate GPA is below 3.0, but who otherwise amply satisfy the selection criteria, may at the Graduate Admissions Committee’s discretion be granted admission on probation. These candidates’ course load during the first term may be restricted by the Graduate Admissions Committee and will under no circumstance exceed six credit hours. They will be required to achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 within the first six credit hours attempted. Probationary status will be lifted and full admission will be granted upon satisfaction of this requirement. Failure to satisfy this requirement may result in termination of the students’ enrollment in the graduate program.

Conditional Admission

Subject to the evaluation and approval of the Graduate Committee, applicants who largely satisfy the admission criteria except for incomplete information or documentation that can, in the Committee’s judgment, be completed within a short time, may be granted conditional admission for one term. These applicants will be notified of the information or documentation that needs to be completed and provided by the end of the term, as a condition for their continued enrollment. Non-satisfaction of this condition by the end of the first term following conditional admission may result in termination of the student’s enrollment in the graduate program.

Provisional Admission

The Graduate Committee may grant applicants provisional admission to a graduate program. Typically, these are applicants whose area of undergraduate studies is not in the proposed degree field, whose evaluation by the Graduate Committee reveals deficiencies in one or more of the foundation areas normally considered pre-requisite for success in the respective graduate program, but for whom there is nonetheless sufficient promise as potential graduate students. For each applicant in this category, the Graduate Committee will specify an appropriate noncredit course sequence (see Foundation Course Program as designated for each graduate program) that the candidate must successfully complete. No credit towards the graduate degree will be given for successful completion of this sequence.

Special Admission

Applicants who, for special reasons, are interested in taking one or more selected courses in an AUD graduate program, but do not desire to complete the program requirements at AUD, may, at the discretion of the Graduate Committee, be granted special admission to take the specific course(s) requested. Examples of applicants for special admission include:

  • Students in graduate programs at other universities who wish to take one or more courses in an AUD graduate program for credit towards their program requirements at their home universities, and
  • Individuals pursuing a professional designation (e.g., Certified Public Accountant, Professional Engineer, etc.) who may be required to take specific graduate-level courses in one or more disciplines as part of the qualification requirements for that professional designation.

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