Graduate Admissions


Applications for admission to AUD’s graduate programs are evaluated by the Graduate Committee of the respective graduate program, which consists of the Program Director as Chair, two graduate faculty members appointed by the Program Director, and in some cases one representative of the Admissions Office. The Committee employs a balanced approach, based on the principle that ample satisfaction by an applicant, of one or more of these criteria, may to a reasonable extent compensate for deficiencies in one or more of the other criteria used in the applicant’s evaluation.

During preliminary evaluation, photocopies of educational documents can be submitted to make informed decisions. Final acceptance is granted once the University has received all necessary documents including official English translations of all supporting documents. Translations must be literal (i.e., word-for-word).

The University reserves the right to evaluate the adequacy of all credentials submitted for admission. Furthermore, students are reminded that omission or falsification of information constitutes sufficient reason for rejection or dismissal. This dismissal, requiring the President’s approval, may occur at any time during a student’s residence at AUD; i.e., upon discovery of the omission/falsification.

Students should be aware that all original records, letters and other documents provided to AUD as part of the admissions process will remain University property, and will not be returned back at any later stage even if the student drops/withdraws from the University. Physical records not collected within two years for students who do not attend will be destroyed.

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