Mathematics Division

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Program Overview

Welcome to the mathematics division. Mathematics plays many roles in contemporary life, from logical thinking and fact-based planning to the development and use of technology. The division is proud to serve all Schools in AUD by preparing students with the foundations, and offering math courses for Business Administration, Arts & Sciences, Architecture, and Engineering.

The division helps students to strengthen mathematics skills that are crucial for their majors and later for their jobs. It fosters learning and understanding at all stages of the educational experience. Besides class teaching and dedicated office hours, free tutoring sessions are offered in the Math Tutoring Center (, booking online at In addition, the division contributes actively to research in recent mathematical fields and interdisciplinary fields within and outside AUD.

A Minor in Mathematics is open to students majoring in all programs except Engineering. It consists of 15 credit hours divided in MATH 210 (Calculus I), MATH 220 (Calculus II), and three courses among: MATH 230 (Linear Algebra and Complex Variables), MATH 231 (Differential Equations), MATH 240 (Multivariable Calculus), MATH 250 (Discrete Mathematics), ENGG 200 (Engineering Statistics), ENGG 222 (Numerical Methods in Engineering), ENGG 300 (Probability and Random Variables), QUAN 301 (Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making), or MGMT 314 (Business Process Simulation).


SAS Minor programs
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Professor of Mathematics
Haitham S. Solh
Coordinator of the Mathematics Division and Associate Professor of Mathematics
Hania Mahassen
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Rola Kiwan
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Developmental Math Support Leader
Elena Tzenova
Assistant Professor of Information Technology
Marwa Chendeb El Rai
Instructor of Mathematics
Noor Rizvi
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