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  • Organize design competitions in the School of Architecture, Art and Design (SAAD) related fields;
  • Identify, vet and pitch innovative ideas internally and to potential entrepreneurs in related fields;
  • Disseminate innovative outputs in local, regional, and global exhibitions; and,
  • Patent licensing agreements of innovations and products with partners and stakeholders.


CRID Competitions: The RIBA - NFF Design Challenge

The CRID in collaboration with the School of Architecture, Art and Design at the American University in Dubai will select one representative to apply for the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship based on an internal procedure supervised by Prof. Mohammed Balila who is the advisor on the competition. Receive a grant of £ 7,000 to develop a research project investigating the sustainable survival of our cities and towns. 

  • Eligibility: 
    3rd year Architecture student or above 
  • Requirements: 
    1 PDF poster in A1 size, detailing the proposal (topic, objective, locations). Applicants are restricted to 500 words on the poster submission, and images should be high-resolution. 
  • Application deadline: 
    Thursday, May 6th, 2021
  • Applications to be sent via email to: 
    Prof. Mohammed Balila at 

Full details are available 
Register for the Launching of the Competition HERE

CRID EVENT SERIES - archEatable by Jose Carrillo

This online event is the Showcase and Awards Ceremony of the innovative collaboration between students of architecture and elite culinary Chefs of the region. The event is hosted and powered by The Center for Research, Innovation, and Design (CRID) and COSENTINO [C]. Stay tuned to our Instagram @archEatable
POSTER  |  December 14, 2020 at 4:00pm (Dubai)


The CRID Competitions is launching the SAMSUNG ECO-PACKAGING DESIGN CHALLENGE. Samsung have an innovative TV range called “Lifestyle TV”, which includes The Seriff, The Frame and The Sero. The Lifestyle TV range celebrates design, innovation and style – and every TV box for our Lifestyle range has been specially produced allowing them to upcycled and re-used allowing the public to create a truly unique design.
POSTER  |  November 05, 2020 at 11:00am (Dubai)

CRID COMPETITIONS: United Nude - Wearable Art by United Nude

The Competition will request the faculty/students to design lifestyle components in line with the United Nude brand with below criteria:

  • Design to be relevant to United Nude personality and DNA / Futuristic, minimalist with elements of architecture built-in
  • Design to have a function
  • Design to be commercially viable to produce
  • Design can be lifestyle accessories like wallets, heels, backpacks, sandals, watch straps, shoe box, socks, heels, elements that can be attached to shoes etc.
  • Design can also be for additions and components that can be fixed in the United Nude Flagship store with a function. Highly creative and should add to the look and feel of the shop.

POSTER  |  September 2019