AUD Professor Michael Rice Exhibiting Works in Korea

Presenting as a finalist at the Korean International Ceramic Biennale (KICB)

Nov 24, 2019

Chair of the Visual Communication Department and Associate Professor of Studio Art, Michael Rice will be exhibiting as a finalist in the Korean International Ceramic Biennale (KICB) 2019 from November 29, 2019 to March 29, 2020 at the Icheon World Ceramics Center, which is at the heart of the Korean ceramics industry and culture. Read more on "Professor Michael Rice Finalist in the Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2019"


The competition is a review of the current status of ceramic arts across the world and highlights issues of ceramic culture. The KICB has been defining the current status of international ceramic arts and generating discourses with diverse artistic experiments, by exploring the future direction of ceramic arts.


This video will also be featured on the official KICB 2019 during the Biennale and please see Professors Rice’s works at the following address:

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