Registration Process

1. Choosing Your Courses

  • Refer to your course sequence online or in the AUD Catalog as well as your online degree audit to choose your courses
  • Refer to the Arts and Science Core Requirements
  • Identify your Advisor’s name from the Student Portal
  • Consult with your Advisor about the courses selected

2. Registering Your Courses

  • Check registration schedule
  • Make sure to clear your holds, if any, before your registration period.
  • Registration will be ONLY online, during the assigned registration periods.
  • Print out a copy of your class schedule from here: My Schedule
  • Pay your fees online through the student portal/My finances- Pay online, or at the Finance Office before the payment deadline.

3. Confirming Your Courses

Please note that the students’ official schedule is as recorded by the Registrar at the end of Drop/Add.

Whether you registered with the Admissions Office, online or at the Registrar’s Office, always make sure to do the following after registration and especially after the Drop/Add period:

  • Print a copy of your schedule from here: My Schedule
  • Double check each listed course, its timing and its instructor in your schedule. Should you find any discrepancies, please contact the Registrar’s Office immediately.
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