Registration & Advising

Registrar Essentials

  • Check the Course Schedule online as soon as it is published.
  • Consult the recommended course sequence online or in the AUD Catalogs and/or with your advisor.
  • Discuss your course options with your advisor ahead of time to ensure that your early course registration is smooth.
  • Check your Degree Audit online.
  • Make sure you complete all Foundation courses and the required Arts and Sciences courses before you move to any concentration course.
  • Check the English as a Pre-Requisite requirement.
  • Make sure to complete your ENGL, MATH and COMP within the first 45 credits.
  • Check online or the AUD Catalogs to plan your courses based on their scheduled offerings; this will guarantee a timely graduation.
  • Meet with the Registrar at the beginning of your senior year to update your Degree Audit.
  • Regular course load for full time students and AUD-sponsored students is 15 credits (Undergraduate) and 6 credits (Graduate) in Fall and Spring.
  • Overloads may be granted to undergraduate students, only after advisor’s approval, in good academic standing (i.e. carrying a minimum 2.0 CGPA); and occasionally, depending on the courses comprising the student’s proposed schedule, a higher CGPA may be required.
  • Registration, diploma, transcript and letter requests will not be processed if the student is on Hold. Check the types of holds in the table below.


Type of Hold

Office to Contact


Registration Registrar's 04 318 3193
WhatsApp: 050 935 7071
Failed Foundation Course Advisory Center 04 318 3585
CGPA<2.0 Student Retention and Success 04 318 3581
Admissions Admissions 04 318 3171
Health History Form Health Center 04 318 3200
Passport Visa Office 04 318 3128
Academic Advising Academic Advisor 04 318 3585
04 318 3586
Finance Finance 04 318 3151
Library Fines Library 04 318 3184


For Undergraduate Students
To register for an internship, make sure you contact the Career Services Office and your department Internship Coordinator at least 3 weeks before the start of the semester.

For Graduate Students:
Applications for the Graduate Internship must be discussed with and submitted directly to the Graduate Program Director for approval. If an internship application is approved, the Graduate Program Director will assign a faculty member to supervise the internship.

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