Residence Visa Fees

Students who are accepted and enrolled on a full-time basis have the option to apply for a residence visa and can be sponsored by the University. They will be issued a Student Residence Visa valid for one year.  Students who wish to apply for this visa, should request for it by contacting the Admissions Office at least 2 months before the scheduled date of entry. 



Visa Fee

AED 2,000

Passport Deposit (refundable upon cancellation of visa)

AED 3,000

Change of visa status

AED 600

Issue visa while in country

AED 700

Medical Insurance

AED 3,200 per year

Full details on AUD's Visa Requirements and Processes

Students sponsored by AUD for a student resident visa, who fail to comply with the AUD visa regulations, or who exit the country without going through the proper channels and cancellation procedures will not be entitled to re-apply for an AUD-sponsored residence visa. Accordingly, the students will forfeit their Passport Security Deposit.   

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