Health Insurance


  • Health Insurance Plan for AUD-Sponsored Students
  • Private health insurance covering care in the UAE is mandatory for all AUD-sponsored students.

Name of Insurance: Insurance House

  • Students Insurance Cards: The insurance will be linked to Emirates ID and no physical cards will be issued. Therefore, Emirates ID is mandatorily to be provided along with other mandatory requirements of DHA
  • To download and see E-cards, students can download the myNAS application using their Emirates ID
  • Fee for Blood Test for visa is not covered by the insurance. Students sponsored by AUD have to follow the pre-existing policy
  • Telehealth Services offered by health facilities, will be done through myNAS application, go to page 26, Call a Doctor
  • Claims, reimbursement, and other concerns: Any claim issues, approvals, or pending requests, please refer to the Reimbursement Claim Form (for further information refer to Claiming Procedures). Refer to Teleconsultation Services/myNAS app user guide where claims can be submitted
  • For cases assistance: contact the insurance 24/7 representative, Marlon or Tony on
  • For medical emergencies, call the insurance 24/7 hotline Emergency Line on 056-3985084



Family of Benefits In & Out Patient
Annual Aggregate (Per Person Per Year) Covered up to AED 250,000
Members Covered AUD Students only
Area of Coverage (AOC) UAE only
Territorial Limit in case of emergency in-patient treatment while traveling for a period not exceeding 90 days UAE, Arab Countries, South East Asia, Philippines, Korea & Srilanka
Network Variation RN, Including Medcare + Al Zahra Hospital
Physician Consultation Covered subject to 20% co-insurance with a maximum deductible AED 75/Deductibles for follow-up visits with the same doctor for the same medical condition not applicable within network within 7 days from the date of first visit.
Pre- Existing and/or Chronic Condition Covered up to AED 150,000
COVID-19 Coverage As per regulation in UAE
In-Patient Accommodation, subject to prior approval Private room


  • During working hours: The AUD Health Center, located in Building A, room 116, is open weekdays (Monday-Friday), from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Contact: 04-3183 200.
  • After working hours and during the weekend, contact the AUD Hotline: 04-3183 500, 555. Or, communicate with AUD Health Care providers through WhatsApp: 056-916 7761.

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