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Center for English Proficiency

At AUD, we offer a comprehensive range of Intensive English Language courses for non-native English speakers, from basic to advanced levels.

At AUD we help provide non-native English-speaking students with the English language education they need to success academically, professionally or socially.
Promoting cultural awareness, citizenship, critical thinking and ethical behavior, the intensive IELP courses run during the Fall and Spring terms, and over the Summer months. Lasting approximately 15 weeks, each course develops three skill sets: Reading/Vocabulary, Listening/ Speaking, and Writing/Grammar, and takes place in instructor-guided classes for four hours daily from Sunday though to Thursday.
The four instruction levels range from basic, to low intermediate, high intermediate to advanced, and a student’s level is assessed initially through ACCUPLACER™, a AUD administered online test, before beginning the appropriate program.
Helping undergraduate students develop their verbal and written English ability, students will improve their overall competence in academic learning skills and computer use, at the basic level, while at the advanced level, students will include more complex writing, group discussions and presentations, and developing their university level academic English vocabulary and reading.


Duration: 15 weeks
Prerequisite: Placement by ACCUPLACER™ or IELP pass grade
Basic Level

  • Builds a foundation of academic English in speaking, reading, writing, grammar and listening.
  • Develop reading skills, build vocabulary, learn to write grammatically correct sentences, and write simple paragraphs.
  • Oral and written communicative tasks, short presentations, listening and taking notes from simple lectures, developing overall competence in academic learning skills and computer use.

Low Intermediate Level 

  • Expands existing proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, grammar, and listening.
  • Further develops academic learning skills of students whose goal is to enter the university.
  • Build vocabulary, learn academic reading strategies, write complex, well developed paragraphs using grammatically correct sentences, participate in group discussions, give informal presentations, grammar review and expansion, oral and written communicative tasks, listening to lectures, doing projects, and computer use.

High Intermediate Level

  • Expands on pre-existing proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, grammar, and listening.
  • Further develops academic skills of students whose goal is to enter the university.
  • Students listen to, and take notes on more complex lectures, participate in more challenging speaking activities such as giving formal presentations and discussing causes, effects, and solutions to problems, continue to build vocabulary, acquire advanced reading strategies, and review and expand grammar knowledge and skills, and write multi paragraph essays demonstrating mature thought.
  • More emphasis placed on communicative tasks, projects, and computer-based learning.

Advanced Level

  • Focuses on further developing the students’ English and academic skills needed to succeed in university classes.
  • Includes writing essays using sophisticated sentence structure in coherent, well-developed paragraphs, how to construct an outline, structure an essay, create a thesis statement, provide specific and relevant support, use transitions, and proofread for accuracy.
  • Develops listening and speaking skills useful in university classes, such as note taking from lectures, writing reports, and making formal presentations.
  • Assists students in developing university level academic English vocabulary and reading strategies to increase reading speed and comprehension.