Dr. Lance de Masi




AUD is truly a place that brings out the best in its constituents by reminding them of their potential, calling for a demonstration of capability and rewarding achievement.


Dr. Lance de Masi has taught at AUD since its inception and served as President/Chief Academic Officer from 1997-2004 until relinquishing the CAO title. President de Masi’s tenure as President of the university has witnessed AUD’s transformation from a small, up-start operation to an institution of higher learning of substantial size and credible academic reputation. Dr. de Masi holds Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration (Marketing) degrees, the latter two from Indiana University where in the mid-seventies he was an Associate Instructor. In 1997, he was granted a Doctor of Humane Letters degree by Schiller International University. Dr. de Masi’s articles and speeches on education, marketing and communications-related disciplines are noteworthy for their candor, insight and passion for subject areas to which he has dedicated numerous years of ponderous consideration. With the objective of remaining close to students and up-to-date in his academic discipline, Dr. de Masi offers a senior course in marketing communications each year. He is the past President of the UAE Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA).