Nelly El Halabi

Health Center Director

Health Center


Prior to joining AUD, Mrs. El Halabi, a Qualified Registered Nurse, had over 25 years of experience in nursing and management skills, having held several senior health management positions with major health service organizations in Lebanon and Dubai.

Mrs. El Halabi holds updated certificates in Basic Life Support/Heart Saver, Customer Services, Developing Management Skills, Quality Improvement, Train the Trainer Program, and other topics related to her managerial career.

April 2000, Mrs. El Halabi established and continues to manage and develop the health services in AUD. Her aim is to offer the highest standards of health services to the university community and maintain a healthy and safe AUD environment.

Her responsibilities are not limited to physical health care only, she founded the first “Peer Health Educators (PHE)” program in the U.A.E. and works closely with UNICEF on HIV Awareness Programs, in addition to the supervision of the Health Educational Awareness Programs at AUD organized in association with the best health specialists.

Mrs. El Halabi maintains a close liaison with special needs students student of determination at AUD. She is a member of the American College Health Association.

• BSN, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
• LSH,DEF, Ministry of Health, France
• NL, Ministry of Health, Lebanon
• DOHL: Dubai, UAE
• Outpatient & Specialist Clinics
• School and University Clinics

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