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Angele El Khoury

Director of Human Resources

Office of Human Resources


Prior to joining AUD, Angele was a court expert consultant and family mediator at the Canadian Court House of Montreal - Canada. She held the position of Court Expert Advocate for Children and Youth of Divorced Families.
Prior to her experience in Montreal she worked as an Administrative Manager of the International Management and Training Institute – a division of YMCA Lebanon. Her work at the YMCA exposed her to several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) of the Middle East area.
Furthermore, she worked and studied in the United States of America emphasizing her knowledge and skills related to civil society, human sustainable development strategies, conflict resolution and Humanitarian project management.
Visiting different countries, working with different communities and designing different training packages for diverse professional groups (Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Norway, Buenos Aires, Ohio-USA, California, Florida, New York, Minnesota, and Montreal Canada) has granted her thorough knowledge and understanding of how empowering people and communities with respect to their diversities and multicultural background and a considerable experience in crisis management and conflict resolution.
Her non academic interests include: reading and swimming. She lives in Dubai with her husband and precious daughter Sofia Nour.


  • M.SW., Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
  • B.SW., Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
  • Family Mediation and Court Expertise, Montreal University, Canada
  • Project Management diploma, McGill University, Canada