Nejib Ben Hadj-Alouane

Professor of Computer Engineering

School of Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
MSE in Computer Engineering,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
BSE in Computer Engineering, Syracuse University, USA

Dr. Nejib joined AUD in September 2022 as a Professor of Computer Engineering.

Prior to joining AUD, he was a Professor of Computer Engineering at the Information and Communication Technology Department at the National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT). He also held the positions of Assistant and then Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at the National School of Computer Sciences in Tunisia (ENSI).

While at ENIT, Dr. Alouane worked on modernizing the department’s program in Software Engineering and Computer Science. He was also a founding member of the Master’s (IoT and Web Services) and the PhD (in ICT) programs of the department. He served as the coordinator of the Master’s program for a number of years and as a member of two different PhD committees. While at ENSI, Dr. Alouane served on the school board for a number of years.

Before joining the academia, Dr. Alouane worked extensively in industry. While in the USA, he was R&D consultant at the Dow Chemical Corporation where he developed highly reliable software/systems for the automated control of chemical plants. He also worked on various projects for the FHWA and MDOT, designing and developing simulation software for traffic and route guidance systems. In Tunisia, he served as the Information Systems Manager for a large group, and had the mission of integrating modern ERP software in the group’s industrial and hotel sectors.

As a researcher, Dr. Alouane has authored over 90 publications in reputed journals and conferences. Over the years, his research focus spanned a number of areas from the development of agile automation software for manufacturing systems, to security and web services. He was able to expand the understanding of important concepts in security such as non-interference and opacity. More recently, his research focused on the optimization of software, networks and computing infrastructures, for which he developed a new genetic algorithm for the placement of game servers (for first-person shooter games), in the Cloud/Fog, to improve the overall experience of players. He is also working on the adaptation of machine learning techniques to design smart agriculture/irrigation systems, focused on water conservation. Dr. Alouane has graduated over 20 PhD and master’s students.

Dr. Alouane is also an entrepreneur. He was a founding member of software start-up where he served for over 10 years as a mentor for the company’s engineers and architected their flag software for the management of the human resources for remote mining operations in Canada.

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