Mohammed Zaki

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

School of Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering


Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, Kansas State University, United States of America
M.Sc. in Structural Engineering, University of Massachusetts, United States of America
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq

Dr. Zaki's expertise is in structural engineering, with an emphasis on concrete and composite structures. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Kansas State University and was assigned as instructor to teach the Mechanics and Strength of Materials Laboratory courses for the Department of Civil Engineering from Fall 2016 to Spring 2018. Dr. Zaki was nominated by the Department of Civil Engineering and School of Engineering at Kansas State University for the university-wide, Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in 2017 and 2018, respectively. He joined the Department of Civil Engineering at American University in Dubai (AUD) in 2020. He has years of field experience gained from working with various engineering firms after his graduation.

Dr. Zaki’s research interests include the behavior and durability of concrete structures and FRP composite materials for structural applications. He has conducted experimental and numerical research in concrete structures with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite materials. Currently, he has been working on developing a program for a new numerical solution for reinforced concrete beams strengthened with FRP, having a shear deformable adhesive layer. Dr. Zaki is a member of the American Concrete Institute, American Society of Civil Engineering, and Engineers without Borders, USA.

Teaching Interests:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Design of Concrete and Composite Structures
  • Bridge Engineering Design
  • Engineering Probability and Statistics

Selected Publications:

  • Zaki, M. A., & Rasheed, H. A. (2020). Behavior of reinforced concrete beams strengthened using CFRP sheets with innovative anchorage devices. Engineering Structures215, 110689.‏
  • Zaki, M. A., Rasheed, H. A., Roukerd, R. R., & Raheem, M. (2020). Performance of reinforced concrete T beams strengthened with flexural CFRP sheets and secured using CFRP splay anchors. Engineering Structures210, 110304.‏
  • Zaki, M. A., Rasheed, H. A., & Alkhrdaji, T. (2019). Performance of CFRP-strengthened concrete beams fastened with distributed CFRP dowel and fiber anchors. Composites Part B: Engineering176, 107117.‏
  • Zaki, M. A., & Rasheed, H. A. (2019). Impact of efficiency and practicality of CFRP anchor installation techniques on the performance of RC beams strengthened with CFRP sheets. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering46(9), 796-809.‏
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