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Meshary AlNassar

Kuwaiti Interior Architect, Meshary AlNassar, reveals his first capsule collection at the Dubai Design Week, Downtown Design.

Graduated 2018
Meshary AlNassar

Revealing his first capsule collection at the Dubai Design Week, Downtown Design, Kuwaiti Interior Architect, Meshary AlNassar, who graduated from AUD in Interior Design in 2018, introduces unique designs that are inspired by his grandfathers architectural masterpiece, and a childhood around gracious gardens. The collection carries AlNassar’s vision on a journey of form, function and a history of natural formations from the precious stones of Ocean Travertino from Rapolano Terme located within the Italian region of Tuscany.

The collection presents three stone sculptures named after their inspiration: Radici from the roots of plants that prolong above the earth and stand tall to blend into spaces; Tramonto inspired by the warm sun light setting on the horizon, and Ulivo, taking its shape from the tenderness of an olive tree to reflect on peace and abundance within nature.

AlNassar says, “Radici, Tramonto and Ulivo deliver more than just aesthetically pleasing pieces that light up a modern space. They tell a story of the journey that inspired these naturally fitting designs. It is an exploration towards finding the unique material and the right craftsmanship to help translate my interior design approach, which is to build our surrounding more beautifully and engage our senses.”

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