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Since graduating, Hanan has been hard at work, making a name for herself and contributing to the welfare of the community through her role at The Ruler’s Court.

Graduated 2013
Hanan Al Sammak

Founder of HAC institute

Hanan Al Sammak

I honestly learned a lot at AUD. I loved my university life and I loved my professors. I try to apply everything I learned including presentation skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills, marketing and sales techniques, etc. I am honored to be part of the AUD Alumni and I hope I could be a positive contribution to the team.

Since graduating in Spring 2013, Hanan Al Sammak has been hard at work, making a name for not only herself but also contributing to the welfare of the community through her role at The Ruler’s Court.
“I am currently Marketing Officer at The Ruler’s Court – The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department. I handle social media, events management, communication, dealing with suppliers and marketing in general,” says Al Sammak who graduated AUD with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Marketing. However, she admits that the course wasn’t her first choice.
“I always wanted to study media, but my father maintained that a media career can be self-taught. He suggested business instead, and I chose marketing because I always loved dealing with people and had strong communication skills. Also, marketing involved studying customers’ needs, behavior and demands, so a lot of psychology aspects are involved, which I love.
“While I did get a job in marketing after graduation, I also pursued my own media career, proving that real passion never dies,” explains Al Sammak.
Determined to bring a positive change to society, Al Sammak is the founder and presenter of the hugely popular HayaTech show on YouTube that has attracted over 40,000 subscribers and more than 1.4 million views.
“I do the writing, shooting, film making and translating. HayaTech is a non-profitable show that strives to bring positive change and raise awareness by speaking about self-help topics based on my personal experience and mentioning steps recommended by psychologists. Having a full time job along with working on my show, and in addition to attending training courses and giving lectures, can be quite challenging,” she says.
The hard-working woman, whose career also took shape at Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program and Emarat Petroleum, recently became a certified trainer from the Canada Global Center.
After researching topics related to self-development and positive psychology, Hanan published her first self-help book this summer titled Hayatech. The book is written in colloquial Arabic and includes inspiring real life stories and motivational phrases, aimed at contributing to positive change and influence.
“My next plan would be to be part of the global shapers community and have my own training center where I could train, share knowledge and bring positive change to society and to have my own show on television,” says Al Sammak.
Aiming higher and setting more ambitious goals, Al Sammak is a role model to the next generation of students and advises everyone to make their dreams a reality.
“You don’t need someone pushing you to pursue your dreams - sometimes these are just excuses we give because we are afraid of failure. Once you become your own motivation and believe in yourself, discover your true strength and actually start working on your goals, you’ll find that people will support you and inspire you to reach places you never thought of. It takes courage, patience and of course, positive thinking.”

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