The CRID is now officially the FIRST & ONLY Authorized Rhino Training Center in UAE

The Center of Research, Innovation and Design (CRID) is very proud to announce.

Jul 22, 2020

The Center of Research, Innovation and Design (CRID) is very proud to announce that it has become the first and only Authorized Rhino Training Center (ARTC) in the UAE, under the mentorship of Associate Professor of Architecture, Jose Carrillo who is the now the only authorized rhino trainer at the School of Architecture, Art, and Design (SAAD) at the American University in Dubai.

Rhinoceros is a commercial 3D computer graphics and computer-aided design (CAD) application software that is based on the NURBS mathematical model, which focuses on producing mathematically precise representation of curves and freeform surfaces in computer graphics. Professor Carrillo had the following to say, "The CRID and its nature perfectly fit with the current times and circumstances, and becoming the First & Only ARTC in the UAE is a unique advantage that shows our pioneering vision.”

The mission of the Center for Research, Innovation, and Design (CRID: is to become the premier platform in Dubai that delivers high standards research, innovation, and design in the field of Architecture, Interior Design and Visual Communication. The CRID is an explore-imagine-create-learn environment. It’s a think tank that fosters growth in all its forms and a lab where the three main strands; Academia, Private sector, and governmental entities, come together to research, innovate, design, and collaborate in order to generate creative ideas.

As part of AUD’s commitment to continuing pursuit of academic excellence and in reinforcing the learning activities that is one of its four pillars, Dr. Georges Kachaamy who is the director of CRID said that “It is an important milestone for the center and it falls under its learning activities. It is a strategic target especially that the center will be offering training sessions to professionals and the general public."

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