Dr. Kachaamy exhibits his Work In the Context of the Venice Art Biennale 2019

Dr. Kachaamy, Chair and Associate Professor of Architecture at AUD, will display his art work project “UNCONSCIOUS” in the context of the Venice Art Biennale 2019 for the period of 6 months starting May 11. The Global Art Affairs Foundation (GAAF) has invited Dr. Kachaamy to display his work in the exhibition "Personal Structures 2019". The exhibition is hosted and supported by the European Cultural Centre in two of its prestigious palazzo's in the center of Venice -Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mor

May 11, 2019

About the Project:

Limitless, unlabeled, with no beginnings or ends, “UNCONSCIOUS” is an incessant art expression that reflects the concept of the unbounded fabric of the Universe. The constantly evolving artwork is the artist’s unconscious expression of the dynamic “micro to macro” phenomena that can be experienced in nature. The drawing is currently a compilation of 100+ pieces that is growing extensively and thoroughly. Each drawing is created by the usage of automatism techniques that allow the unconscious mind to lead the execution of the artwork.


The drawings are subjectively interdependent on the location and vantage point of the observer as each piece or compilation of pieces can be experienced and grasped from different distances and orientations. From the smallest detail every element coexists with the other creating larger parts that dissolve into one whole. Each part is left unnamed and undefined as it is for the viewer to partake, feel and define what is being perceived without preconditions. 


Dr. Kachaamy is the Chairperson of the Department of Architecture at the American University in Dubai. He is an associate professor, a registered architect, a member of the Order of Engineers & Architects in Beirut, and an Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects. He was a grantee of the Japanese Government Monbukagakusho Scholarship and received his doctorate from the University of Tokyo in Japan. As an academician, Dr. Kachaamy’s research interest relates to space planning, design, phenomenological theory in architecture and evidence-based spatial experiments. He received the American University in Dubai President’s Award for Teaching Excellence and served on the board of the American Institute of Architects Middle East Chapter as the Director of Continuing Education. As a practicing architect, he has over 15 years of experience between Dubai, Tokyo and Beirut. He has worked on different national and international urban and architectural designs. His work spans from universal spaces for meditation to the urban conservation and design studies for different cultural heritages and varied urban developments.

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