CRID Webinar Series: Modularity and Geometrical Rationalization in Complex Buildings

The Role of Digital Design Processes

Start Wed, Jun 16
End Wed, Jun 16

This session from the CRID Webinar Series will host the Director at Wirz Architects, Fulvio Wirz, who will discuss the importance of modularity and geometrical rationalization in complex architectural building as a strategy to optimize material usage, reducing construction costs and achieving more sustainable buildings. The advances in computational design over the past three decades brought a much higher level of creativity to the profession of architects. At the same time the building industry hasn't evolved at the same pace being still largely dominated by a modernist approach to construction. In the current scenario the role of computational design is to define strategies able to align architectural concepts to current construction methods.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 1:00pm (Dubai)


CRID webinar series poster