The Future of Banking

The Asian Banker Convention 2019 welcomes Professor Elissar as guest speaker

Mar 18, 2019

Professor Elissar Toufaily, Associate Professor of Marketing and member of the Center of Research on FinTech and Blockchain at the American University in Dubai, was invited as a panelist to discuss the generational shift in behaviors and expectations towards banks and finance at the Asian Banker Convention 2019 on March 21.

The panel discussion titled "From Baby Boomers to Gen-Z in the digital world: Redefining expectations and behavior" explores how Generation Z interacts with technology and its implications on the banking sector, historically a traditional sector. The panel further discussed how this generation is allocating and spending their funds, allowing banks to understand their spending habits and ultimately their customer engagement strategy.

These trends have led to disruption in the FinTech sector, where Professor Toufaily highlighted the role of GAFA in this disruption and how AI is being leverage to capture the Generation Z behaviors.

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