Department of Marketing and Marketing Communications Nurgul Vatansever Visit to MKTG 471 Class

On 6th of March 2019, MKTG 471 (Strategic Marketing Course) students were honored to have Miss Nurgul Vatansever

Mar 06, 2019

The title of Miss Nurgul’s presentation was “Essentials of Strategic Planning and Best Practice Marketing Examples in Johnson & Johnson”.  She started first by presenting herself; professionally and personally. Following, she briefed the students about J&J portfolio, J&J competitive advantage along with its market share worldwide and in the MENA region. Moreover, she highlighted a crisis management situation that she faced while she was handling Russia and Turkey. She ended her presentation by a real-life example about transforming J&J from being a product-based company into a solution-based company.

The Key topics that the students learnt from the session:

  • To work in the corporate life, they have to have a plan for the move every 3 years; maximum 4 years then they would be stuck in their current position and they will not be seen as a talent.
  • The students have to follow their passion, as they will actualize their best. Some would have a passion to be entrepreneurs and others would love the corporate life.
  • In J&J, they have the succession plan whereby they determine the critical positions and all the other positions that if they faced any crisis they would have to terminate.
  • What differentiate the culture of J&J is that they have the credo and they have the AAA accreditation.
  • She also presented her team and the different functions, and she stressed on the importance of building strong customer relationships with the suppliers, distributors as well as direct customers.

Finally, she presented a case for the students for a best practice for change management, which was on Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Humanitarian city.

The presentation was insightful. Students enjoyed it as well as gained new aspects and learnt new business terms. At the end, Ms. Nurgul promised the students to organize a field trip to J&J.

Following are some photos for the interesting presentation given by Miss Nurgul.


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