Meis Moukayed

Professor of Health and Life Sciences

School of Arts & Sciences

Department of Biological and Physical Sciences


Ph.D. in Clinical Molecular Sciences – Cambridge University U.K.
GCSRT Research Scholar in Clinical Trials and Epidemiology - Harvard University U.S.A.
BSc. Medical Biochemistry (1st Class Honours) – Brunel University U.K

Dr. Meis Moukayed, is a Clinical Scientist and Professor of Health and Life Sciences at the American University in Dubai (AUD). She banks nearly 20 years’ experience in the health, science and education sectors. As a graduate and former researcher of Cambridge University, Oxford University and Harvard University, Dr. Moukayed is trained in molecular biology, stem cell biology, translational medicine, epidemiology and clinical trials. Her career in health sciences is diversely rich bridging experiences from academia, translational research projects for government health authorities, medical writing and editing, as well as start- up projects for the biotech industry. As a seasoned academic at AUD, she was one of the founding faculty members of the School of Arts and Sciences and continues to act as Coordinator of the Science Division and member of several of the School’s committees. Dr. Moukayed was also the first and youngest female academic promoted to full Professor at AUD given her contributions to the institution and its mission over the years. She established the Minor in Health Studies and teaches several science courses such as Life sciences, Nutrition, Women’s health, Public health, Environmental health, among others. Her research focuses on solutions addressing UAE public health needs and concerns namely cancer, Vitamin D insufficiency, stem cell therapies, women’s health issues, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Moukayed was the recipient of the President’s Award in Teaching Excellence in 2016. She has widely cited peer-reviewed publications and book chapters to her name in these areas. Dr. Moukayed serves as a member of the UAE Sustainability Research Committee. She is an elect member on several international societies, including The Biochemical Society, Emirates Medical Association, Emirates Pathology Society and The Endocrine Society, among others.

Dr. Moukayed’s training, research and teaching experience, have strengthened her conviction, practice and beliefs in preventative medicine. By understanding the inter-connectedness of common causative risk factors in several diseases, and through understanding the role of sustainable healthy environments and behaviors, Dr. Moukayed supports and advocates for population education and awareness within communities as key factors in the prevention and reduction of the burden of disease, and for maintaining a state of healthy wellbeing at the population level. She also strongly believes in educational empowerment of women so that they may lead thriving productive roles and lives contributing to their communities.

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