Student of Determination, SOD, Committee in AUD


To provide equal access to university programs and activities for student of determination with documented disabilities.


Support the academic environment to ensure that student of determination receives reasonable accommodation that is consistent with the university’s academic standards and does not require substantial course or program alteration.

To follow on-going governmental decisions and guidelines, gather and evaluate information, and recommend courses of action to the higher management.


AUD strongly recognizes and encourages students to submit their requests well in advance of the start of any coursework for which the accommodation is requested.
Our university inspires consideration, respect and acceptance by providing facilities and accommodations, that integrate students with special needs, treated with the highest confidentiality.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Nadera Alborno: Dean of the School of Education and Professor of Education: Consultant to the Committee
  • Professor Dina Faour: Professor of Advertising and Outreach Coordinator – Visual Communication: Academic Consultant to the Committee
  • Ms. Nelly El Halabi: Health Center Director: Chair of the Committee
  • Ms. Sara Sleem: Associate Director of Admissions, Admissions Consultant
  • Ms. Layal Tayim: AUD Personal Counselor, Assistant to the Chair
  • Ms. Nadine Ghalayini: Academic Advisor and Support Coordinator, SOD


Guidelines for admission and education of student of determination in higher education

Implementation Procedures

Student of Determination requiring Special and Immediate Intervention need to meet with Health Center Director, HCD, and Personal Counselor, PC.

The Health Center Director welcomes and encourages students with disabilities to identify themselves by:

  • Providing official medical documentations
  • Meeting with HCD for intake interview before admission
  • Discussing different needs with HCD, and/or the PC, to evaluate level of support needed and the special accommodations requested for an equitable journey at AUD.
  • What to bring:
    • Medical and assessment’s documents with an official medical report, or health specialist’s assessment, recommendations, and any physical or psychological tests endorsed by specialists.
    • Additional copy of any mental health reports to be shared with the Personal Counselor, which will remain confidential.
    • List of questions related to Student of Determination support in AUD.

Accommodation Request Process for People of Determination

This is referenced in the following AUD Publications:
Undergraduate Catalogue, Graduate Catalogue, Student Handbook, and Faculty Handbook.


The student is not obligated to disclose their condition or present any medical documentation or absence note to the instructor as these are considered confidential information privy to the Heath Director and Personal Counselor.

All medical files remain confidential with the exception of relevant faculty and staff being informed if they are expected to provide accommodations or if emergency treatment may be required.

All communications between Health Center staff / Personal Counselor and patient is confidential, however, the Health Center Director/ Personal Counselor is obliged to break confidentiality in some situations: if student is at risk of self-harm, at risk of harming someone else, or court order to release information.

All communications within SOD committee should be treated with highest confidentiality.

SOD Meetings:

All Committee members will meet on a monthly basis or in case of an emergency.
Active members, Chair, Ass Chair, and Academic Coordinator will meet every two weeks, to discuss red alert, and student’s follow up.

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