Vernissage X SB: A Fusion of Tech and Creativity

Dr. Tatiana Zalan, a faculty member at the School of Business and co-founder of Vernissage

Nov 08, 2023
School of Business

Dr. Tatiana Zalan, a faculty member at the School of Business and co-founder of Vernissage, a cutting-edge digital art gallery, is leading a groundbreaking project at the nexus of high-tech, digital art, and creativity. Vernissage, a professional network for emerging artists and a vital component of the AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, is pushing the boundaries of innovation. Dr. Zalan, in collaboration with Dr. Vinod Pangracious from the School of Engineering, is driving a transformative initiative focused on implementing art authenticity solutions using blockchain and AI.

Seizing a unique opportunity to contribute to this visionary initiative, three exceptional students from the School of Business – Reem Ishabib, Sama Ibrahim, and Leen Soltan – volunteered for the project. They played a pivotal role in curating content and conducting interviews during the exhibition of digital artists held at the Kanvas Gallery in Alserkal from November 8-12, 2023. The global call for entries attracted diverse talent, resulting in a meticulous selection process that featured ten exceptional artists from the US to Russia.

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As part of this immersive experience, Vernissage collaborated with Giovanna Melfi, a luxury industry executive and founder of Verba Communications. Giovanna mentored the School of Business students in marketing, public relations, and communications for the exhibition, providing them with hands-on experience in the intersection of art, technology, and business. The exhibition garnered attention from the media, art professionals, technology experts, business executives, and the general public, showcasing the incredible potential that emerges when technology and creativity converge.

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