Inspiring Insights: Fouad Diab Maalouf's Visit to Human Resource Management Course MGMT331

In an engaging and thought-provoking session, Dr. Reimara Valk arranged a memorable class event

Oct 02, 2023
School of Business

In an engaging and thought-provoking session, Dr. Reimara Valk arranged a memorable class event that featured a prominent alumnus, Mr. Fouad Diab Maalouf, as a guest speaker. The session revolved around the intriguing theme of "Sustainable Careers."

Mr. Diab's presentation delved deep into the concept of sustainable careers, highlighting their remarkable ability to endure over time, adapt to individual growth, and offer unwavering support during both the smooth and challenging phases of a professional journey. He emphasized the profound impact of a career that seamlessly integrates with one's life, contributing to overall well-being, happiness, productivity, and employability.


The key takeaways from Mr. Diab's enlightening session were crystal clear:

  • Time-Tested Sustainability:
    Sustainable careers stand the test of time, evolving with individuals as they progress through their professional lives.
  • A Companion Through Thick and Thin:
    These careers serve as reliable companions, offering steadfast support during both prosperous and turbulent times.
  • A Harmony of Life and Career:
    Above all, sustainable careers harmonize with one's life, promoting holistic well-being and fostering success.

In addition to these insights, Mr. Diab imparted two invaluable lessons to the eager audience:

  • Craft a Career with Purpose: He encouraged students to seek fulfillment and meaning in their career paths, emphasizing the importance of aligning professional aspirations with personal values.
  • Leverage Your Skills and Goals: Mr. Diab highlighted the significance of optimizing one's skills, experiences, and life objectives to build a career that deeply resonates with one's authentic self.

Dr. Reimara Valk's initiative in bringing Mr. Diab to the classroom served as an excellent example of the university's commitment to providing students with meaningful, real-world insights and experiences. Such sessions contribute to our students' holistic development and empower them to shape their professional journeys with purpose and sustainability.

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