In a cross-disciplinary project, AUD students collaborate with PepsiCo to create PSAs promoting pro-recycling behaviors

Three AUD student teams were awarded cash prizes by PepsiCo

May 12, 2023

Three AUD student teams were awarded cash prizes by PepsiCo for their work to promote recycling in a competition hosted by AUD. The competition was the culmination of a semester-long cross-disciplinary collaboration between PepsiCo and two courses from two AUD schools: Campaign Development and Evaluation (AIMC 431) from the School of Business Administration (SBA) taught by Dr. Farah Arkadan, and Media and Public Service (DPST 302) from the Mohammad Bin Rashed School for Communication (MBRC) taught by Mr. Roozbeh Kafi.

Students spent the semester conducting primary and secondary research, including conducting focus groups, to identify key insights that could drive pro-recycling attitudes and behaviors. Based on these insights, the students developed and produced PSAs which they pitched to judges from PepsiCo and AUD. The following were the winning teams and their project titles, selected for first, second, and third-place. Cash prizes were presented by Wael Ismail, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at PepsiCo and Yasmine Fansa, the MENA Sustainability Lead at PepsiCo.

Group Picture 1 Group Picture 2 Group Picture 3 Group Picture 4 Group Picture 5 Group Picture 6


First Place

Working parents - How many times?

  • Abdulrahman Alzoabi
  • Fatin Alabdulrazzak
  • Sara Huneidii
  • Melody Alkhen
  • Maryam Al Habach

Second Place

Arab Working Parents - Recycle your bottle like everyone is watching you.

  • Youstina Goubran
  • Anya Bunni
  • Tala Arwani
  • Ahmad Bin Haidar
  • Hind Al Hashimi

Third Place

University Students - Less Waste. More Life.

  • Marah Alrjoob
  • Ragheb Halaweh
  • Christina Basmaji
  • Razan Al Haj
  • Salma Al Sahili
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