American University in Dubai (AUD) made history on February 24th by becoming the first university globally to enter the Metaverse.

Feb 27, 2023

American University in Dubai (AUD) made history on February 24th by becoming the first university globally to enter the Metaverse. This move is aligned with Dubai Government Metaverse Strategy and catapults AUD next to Dubai VARA as an innovator in that space.

Dr. David A. Schmidt, President of AUD said, “These are transformational technologies that are inevitable for our future generations, and we continuously incorporate and evolve our educational programs to include such advancements.” Dr. Sabrina Joseph, Provost and Chief Academic Officer said “These advancements will open up new ways of learning.” As an academic institution, AUD's entry into the Metaverse is a testament to our goal of providing students with the latest technological advancements and preparing them for the future.

During the kick-off event at the American University in Dubai Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center (AEIC), AUD announced the launch of BLOCKLAB Metaverse initiative planned by AEIC Blockchain Committee. The announcement of BLOCKLAB marks a significant milestone for AUD and AEIC in their effort to stay ahead of the curve and provide their students and Startups with innovative opportunities to prepare them for the future. During the event, the speakers highlighted the importance of service offerings and internship opportunities that the BLOCKLAB metaverse will unlock, such as game publishingevent hosting, and creative marketplace. In opening the BLOCKLAB, Dr. Sunitha Kshatriya, Director of AEIC & Associate Professor of Management; Dr. Vinod Pangracious, Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering; Mr. Vivek Ganesh, and Mr. Imran Wadha the founders of Supermodule, highlighted the partnership of AEIC and Supermodule and the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the adoption of new technologies.

BLOCKLAB is the first Blockchain initiative by AEIC that will facilitate students and Startups to use blockchain-related services in the Metaverse. The Metaverse is an emerging space that has the potential to revolutionize various industries and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs and developers. The launch of BLOCKLAB will unlock new opportunities for students and Startups and prepare them for the future. AEIC has bigger plans on its roadmap to provide blockchain-related services to everyone. The roadmap includes enabling web3 services and blockchain APIs by AEIC to provide commercial-grade blockchain services to the industry. External entities have joined AEIC Technology Partner Program since its soft launch in January 2023 to engage with its vast community.

AUD’s entry into the Metaverse is a significant achievement and positions the university as a leader. As AEIC continues to develop its roadmap, it is clear that they are committed to providing innovative solutions to the industry and creating a network of partners who share this vision.

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