AUD Interior Design Students Secure LIV Hospitality Design Awards – Fourth Edition

We are proud to announce that AUD Interior Design students have emerged as the WINNERS

Mar 19, 2024
School of Architecture, Art & Design

We are proud to announce that AUD Interior Design students have emerged as the WINNERS of the LIV Hospitality Design Awards – Fourth Edition. Their outstanding achievements are showcased through projects that formed part of the Rotana Hotels Design Challenge – Fifth Edition, meticulously crafted within the IDES 374 Hospitality Design course. Under the expert guidance of Prof. Annamaria Lambri, who serves as both the Chair of the Department of Interior Design and Associate Professor, these students demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity in the field of interior design.

Interior Design Hotel - Boutique

Winner: Daline Abubaker - AUD Interior Design Alumna
Project: Falls -
This project is also winner of Rotana Hotels Design Challenge – Fifth Edition.
Concept: In the post-COVID era, there has been an increase in the emphasis on guest experience, as destination hotels are emerging in unique locations, offering an out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere. Therefore, people nowadays are seeking new ways to escape what they see in their everyday lives; they are looking for a change of scenery that connects them with nature. That's why, the design of this hotel room provides guests with a new way to spend their vacation.

Project: Falls picture 1 Project: Falls picture 2 Project: Falls picture 3

Nature is very organic and does not follow straight perpendicular lines. Thus, the hotel's concept takes on biophilic design by extracting the irregularity of nature, creating a new room layout. The main source of inspiration is the structure of mountains; they slope up from the ground until they form a point at the top. The height and the end tip are? what make mountains so unique; the taller the mountain and the higher you go up the mountain, the more special it is.

Architectural Design Hotel - Boutique Hotels

Winners: Joud Kayali and Haneen Kilany – AUD students
Project: Tanaghom -
Concept: The shape of Tanaghom was inspired by a bent leaf and it is designed so that it mild the interior with the exterior of nature. Tanagham is designed to make the guests connect with nature and be isolated from other people, it is a great place for people to disconnect from their surroundings, especially after COVID-19. Another thing that Tanagham is aiming for is to take care of the guests' well-being and try to improve it through their stay there.


Project: Tanaghom picture1 Project: Tanaghom picture2 Project: Tanaghom picture3

Tanaghom is also a very sustainable place that has sustainable materials like mangrove wood, concrete, and more to help create a sustainable environment. The name Tanaghom means harmony in Arabic and it represents the harmony and blending of the interior with the exterior.


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