AUD, education partner at the Future of Architecture Summit, where AUD students win Future Talent Awards 2022

Built on the breakout success of the inaugural edition

Jun 14, 2022

Built on the breakout success of the inaugural edition with a captivating and insightful agenda that discussed and debated by some of the region’s best and brightest minds, the second Future of Architecture Summit (FOA) took place at the Oberoi Hotel in Dubai on June 7, 2022. AUD was the education partner of this year’s event.


The Summit provided a platform for construction industry stakeholders to discuss a multitude of topics including future city requirements, net zero building design, resilient design strategies, future transport infrastructure, nurturing future talent and much more. Along with a rich agenda, the Summit also provided unparalleled networking opportunities and included the Future Talent Awards, where five AUD senior projects received awards in the Future Talent Award Competition. Dr. Anna Cornaro, Chair of the Department of Architecture opened the summit with an inspiring keynote speech.


During the event, a prestigious jury panel that assigned the Future Talent Awards 2022 included, Joe Tabet, JT + Partners; Marija Milenkoska, Pragma; Drew Gilbert, OBMI; and Ralf Steinhauer, RSP, assigned the Future Talent Awards 2022. The five AUD architecture senior projects won in different categories:

  1. Nada Yusif Husein - The Sustainable Future Award
  2. Dalia Qasem - Commitment to Community Award
  3. Nadine Ammar - Urban Infrastructure Award
  4. Joe Sassine Finianos - The Cultural Identity Award
  5. Rhea Khoury - The Shape of the Future Award
  6. Joe Sassine Finianos - Tomorrow's World Award (overall winner)



Professor Mohannad Abu Suhaiban closed the event moderating the panel, The Five Hallmarks of the Future City, include the panelists, Ralf Steinhauer, Director at RSP; Dr. Hassan Ali, Program Leader, Dept. of Engineering at De Montford University, Dubai; Martin Dufresne, Design Principal at U+A and Haitham Mousa, Senior Project Designer at KEO.


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