American University in Dubai's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (AEIC) Receives Prestigious Accolade as Premier University Incubator


Oct 06, 2023

The American University in Dubai's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (AEIC) has achieved a significant milestone by being recognized as the leading university incubator by prominent organizations within Dubai, such as the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, Dubai SME, Dubai Next, Mohammad Bin Rashid Innovation Fund, and Accelerator. This recognition not only serves as a testament to AEIC's pivotal role in nurturing and supporting seed-stage start-ups but also underscores its vital contribution to Dubai's flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem and serves as a compelling example of how government backing can profoundly influence the success and growth of start-up ventures.

The acknowledgment of AEIC's outstanding work not only celebrates its achievements but also reflects positively on the American University in Dubai as a whole. It underscores the university's dedication to excellence in education, learning, and scholarly and creative pursuits, emphasizing its role in preparing students for success in an ever-evolving global landscape.

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