A Winning Play: Fostering Leadership Through Teamwork

In a dynamic session centered around the theme of "Leadership and Teamwork,"

Nov 10, 2023
School of Business

In a dynamic session centered around the theme of "Leadership and Teamwork," the (MGMT 601) class, led by Dr. Iskanadar Deeb in Managing Organizations and Leading People, took an innovative approach to cultivate leadership skills among its students. The day was anything but ordinary, blending theoretical components with three interactive games that seamlessly integrated into the learning experience.


Going beyond theory, four students with athletic prowess shared their perspectives on what defines a group of individuals as a winning team, adding a real-world touch to the session. The engagement continued with a boundary-pushing video featuring insights from a professional "virtual leader" on building a productive and motivated virtual team. Remarkably, the session lasted two and a half hours without a single break, a testament to the students' enthusiasm and immersion in the activities.

Collage Photo

These thoughtfully designed games broke the monotony of traditional teaching methods, leaving a lasting impact on the students. They not only comprehended the essence of teamwork but also gained a profound understanding of the dynamics that transform specific teams into true winners. It's a winning play that goes beyond textbooks, shaping leaders of tomorrow in the most engaging and memorable way possible.

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