A Collaborative Triumph by the AUD Interior Design Department and Rotana Hotels

The #HotelREgeneration Challenge 2024 marks its sixth edition

Jun 05, 2024
School of Architecture, Art & Design

The #HotelREgeneration Challenge 2024 marks its sixth edition, highlighting the importance of innovative Hospitality Design and the successful partnership with Rotana Hotels. This competition, driven by the AUDesign_LAB, the AUD Interior Design Department, and Rotana Hotels, inspires students to explore sustainable and creative design solutions.

Projects were developed in IDES374, the Hospitality Design class, ideated and mentored by Prof. Annamaria Lambri, Chair of the Department of Interior Design at AUD, and the Rotana Hotels team. Students engaged in workshops and critique sessions with Mr. Nadim Jamous, Director of Projects at Rotana Hotel Management Corporation PJSC, and Prof. Lambri, fostering creativity and learning.

The challenge concluded with a vibrant awards ceremony at AUD, attended by the Rotana team, jury members, students, faculty, and guests. The jury included:

  • Nadim Jamous, Director of Projects, Rotana Hotel Management Corporation PJSC.
  • Davide Algranti, Founder of Davide Algranti Design.
  • Yasmin Farahmandi, Founder of YDesign Interior.

Winners will participate in the LIV Hospitality Design Awards, showcasing their work on an international platform.

AUD Interior Design Students - WINNERS:

1st Place:

1st Place - Group Photo

Sandra Abdelmacih, Elana Aridi, Yasmin El Asmer Project: ORIKAMI Concept: A journey of self-discovery through origami, fostering mindfulness, patience, and creativity.

2nd Place:

2nd Place - Group Photo

Afra Al Suwaidi, Sameya Masroof Ahmed, Mehak Minocha Project: EARTHEN RETREAT Concept: Sustainable guestrooms using mud 3D print technology, inspired by the geological wonders of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia.

3rd Place:

3rd Place - Group Photo

Kierra Dias, Mariam Habr, Ruvarashe Makuvise Project: NALU Concept: A sanctuary of holistic rejuvenation inspired by the Hawaiian belief in mana, combining natural elements and wellness rituals.

The 6th edition of the #HotelREgeneration Challenge showcases AUD students' exceptional talent and highlights the commitment to innovation and sustainability in hospitality design. This collaboration between Rotana Hotels and AUD continues to pave the way for future industry leaders.

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