“Think Outside:” Talon Experts Teach Marketing Students How to Advertise to People Who Leave Their Homes & Phones

The Marketing department, led by Dr. Mohammad Obeidat, organized a guest speaker event

Apr 03, 2023
School of Business

The Marketing department, led by Dr. Mohammad Obeidat, organized a guest speaker event on March 30th that covered various topics related to out-of-home (OOH) advertising. The event featured experts in the field of OOH advertising from the Talon team, including Chadi Farhat, Rezarta Bytyci, and Mansour Wehbe.

The speakers kicked off the event by providing an overview of the OOH industry and its evolution over time. They discussed the estimated size of the OOH industry, which is approximately $38 billion worldwide. Additionally, they defined OOH advertising and explained how it includes any type of advertising that targets consumers while they are outside of their homes, such as billboards, transit ads, and street furniture ads. They compared OOH advertising to other forms of media, such as TV and digital advertising.

The speakers also highlighted the challenges that OOH advertising faces in today's fast-paced world. These challenges include measuring the effectiveness of OOH advertising, ensuring that ads reach the right audience, and keeping up with the latest technological advances.

Talon Experts Teach Marketing Students

To address these challenges, the speakers discussed current solutions and Talon's contribution to the same. Talon is a leading global OOH advertising agency that helps businesses reach their target audience through effective OOH advertising campaigns. The speakers emphasized Talon's approach to OOH solutions and how it helps businesses achieve their goals.

The speakers also showcased several global case studies of best-in-class OOH advertising solutions, including successful campaigns for Nissan, MCS, Dracula, Sandstorm Saudi, and Volkswagen. By highlighting these case studies, the speakers provided students with real-world examples of how OOH advertising can be used to reach a wide audience and achieve business goals.

The event concluded with a message to the students about the future of OOH advertising. The speakers emphasized that the OOH industry is constantly evolving, and future marketers must stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. They encouraged students to think creatively and take risks when developing OOH advertising campaigns.

Overall, the guest speaker event was highly engaging and informative. Students learned a great deal about OOH advertising and gained valuable insights into how to implement a successful OOH strategy globally. By hearing from industry experts and learning about real-world case studies, students were equipped with practical knowledge that will be useful in their future careers.

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